We care. We invite. You are safe.


Staying true to the pioneering spirit of the Dukley brand, we are taking one step further to enhance the safety of our guests, as their wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us, alongside the wellbeing of our team members.


In addition to taking the highest level of preventative measures to keep them safe – now, in partnership with Lovćen osiguranje AD, we are granting COVID-19 health insurance with a premium of up to 10.000 € per person to every guest who stays with us.


Within the gates of the Dukley complex our guests can feel welcome and safe, and experience the moments of magic as they luxuriate in privacy - whether in the residences of our Dukley Hotel & Resort or elegant rooms of Infinity Hotel by Dukley.


The world has changed, and so have we. We will continue to rise to the challenge of fulfilling our guests’ needs, especially in regard to their safety, privacy and enjoyment.

Proud partners of Lovćen osiguranje AD