Discover the beauty within.

On the secluded peninsula embraced by the bays of Budva and Becici lies the unforeseen rich horticulture.


These stunning gardens are the wealth of Dukley Hotel & Resort

– an oasis of sweet fragrances, shapes and indecent colors that feed the mind and soul.


Dukley Hotel & Resort has always been characterized by the unique landscape where the Zavala peninsula extends far into the sea, providing its guests with a unique atmosphere, privacy and serenity.


The natural location is aesthetically enriched with dense evergreen gardens in which remarkable plants are grown.


While during the hot summer days you walk through the complex and enjoy the shade of fragrant gardens, the abundance of green treetops and various vegetation is felt in the air.

The side of the complex which overlooks the Becici Bay is the highest point which is bathed in gentle morning sun rays, covered with plants and herbs typical for Montenegro – olives, lavender, rosemary.


The most significant side of the complex, overlooking Budva, is divided into two zones – coastal, with plants resistant to salt, and an inner zone,  where the finest camellias, citrus fruits, gardenia and hortensia’s  are grown.


Each part of Dukley’s Gardens is a story for itself –

century old olives, forest paths, cedar cascades, scented camphor trees, irresistible vertical gardens 6-7 meters high, palm trees and mimosas.

In the spring, citrus and elaeagnus begin to blossom while their scents exchange. During the summer,  lanthanums cover the paths with colorful carpets, and during autumn nandin and grapes create a bright green landscape which sooth with their bright red colors.


In the winter you can witness the rare snowflakes once you see them on green bushes and palm trees.


Take a deep breath and inhale the scent of our harmonious flora which lingers into the freshness of the air created by our pine tree forest.


Our gardens are genuinely unique, dynamic, and beauty is present every step of the way.


It is a natural wonder to be experienced!


Creativity embraced by nature

Montenegro is a country in which people spend most of their time outdoors, therefore art in this area goes beyond the frames of the galleries and museums, thus we especially enjoy it in the streets and parks.


It is precisely due to the art of Dukley Gardens that the project is distinguished from others – the exterior design has been devoted as much attention as the interior of the residences.


The architectural project “Dukley”, authored by the famous Berlin architect Sergei Tchoban, boasts with comfort, beauty and is perfectly integrated into the landscape.


As something much more than a luxury segment in every aspect, the magnificent modern architecture required “unique and small architectural forms”.

The Park of sculptures made Dukley Gardens known outside the country, and they have turned the resort into a magnet that attracts and appeals to art lovers worldwide.


Initially, it was about the design of Dukley’s public space at a very high level, with the use of artwork. Today, when there are about 40 art installations of seven different artists, our sculpture park has included Budva as a city in the world of public art, where the most modern cities and the most interesting places interact with contemporary artists.


Equally significant is the creation of a tunnel gallery outside of Dukley, between Budva and Becici, a cultural phenomenon that is our gift to the rest of the public.


Within the park of sculptures, artworks by some of the greatest artists are exhibited, such as Valery Kazas, Andreja Ljubljinsky, Ivan Gorshko, Yevgeny Dibsky, Antonina Fathulina, Vlada Jurashka and Vasily Dmitryuk.