A rendezvous of the finest flavors

Dukley Hotel & Resort’s haute cuisine is the sole service of combining elements of specific culinary arts and master classes with the creation of custom-made events and scenery.


Our cuisine includes gourmet delicacies prepared in secret by the reputable chefs.


The Menu offers dishes for everyone’s taste, from original chief’s meals to international cuisines.


Dukley’s expert kitchen team is a mix of young and innovative chefs with one idea – love for food and indulging all your senses.


With our established gastronomic concept,


we are continually striving for perfection in both taste and visual sensation.

We embrace modern techniques mastered in Northern Europe and vibrant tastes of the Southern Mediterranean.

From Asia, we’ve acquired great respect for every ingredient and “cooking for wellbeing”.

Finally, from America, we’ve learned two things: be original and keep in mind that the customer comes first.

With this approach, a balanced and innovative cuisine is at your fingertips, from worldwide light dishes served directly on the beach, to a classy fine dining experience during the evening.

Challenge your senses and experience the taste of the New Mediterranean!