Challenge your senses. Welcome to the Theatre of Taste!

Our award-winning restaurant is conceived to introduce the Fresh & Fine Food concept with its outstanding gastronomic variety.


With this approach, a balanced and innovative offer is available, from worldwide light dishes served directly on a beach, to a classy fine dining experience during the evening.


At Dukley Seafront Restaurant, your meal doesn’t just magically appear in front of you.


The open kitchen concept at our restaurant goes above and beyond the food and beverage.


Working hours:

08:00 - 23:00 h 

It is not only an architectural variation, it is a real play and performance, a concept where good energy floats between you and our chiefs.


A place where your meal is audible and visible, a place of indulgence.


We have created an environment where no matter where you turn an inspiring view is certain, whether towards our astonishing sea view or facing our dynamic open kitchen.


Creating a perfect balance of fresh and local ingredients, our chefs will take you on a memorable gastronomical journey with their authentic recipes.